l'isle joyeuse


Posted on: August 16, 2009

i can never resist a puppy-like nino >w< gah why is he so cute?! he's already 26, for god's sake…

the latest photos from wink up are seriously killing me.

❤ can you say puppy?!

behind the scenes. that’s a real yawn 😀 apparently the theme for the photoshoot was “waking up with arashi” and they were really sleeping in the car on the way to the studio, so the atmosphere was just nice! and regarding that cute expression on the right :

then there was someone who, while rolling around on the bed, kept getting covered by the blankets, until the photographer had to desperately call out to him to, “show your face!” from under the blanket, he peeked out and gave the camera a really adorable expression. his hair got really messy.


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