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盆踊り 33rd bon odori

Posted on: July 19, 2009

there were too many people this year, which made it really stuffy 😦 the dust was awful too, since there was no rain the night before. we were all practically inhaling dust while dancing, so we left before it ended, which was a first for us. it was fun though, we prepared our own food so we don’t have to line up for ages for lousy food (though we bought icecream from the stalls… the lines for the kakikoori were too long!). i was so happy to be able to dress myself really nicely this time >w< had the chance to use my new koshi himo that i bought from japan, which was 100% wool so i didn’t feel that suffocated compared to my old cotton himo.

anyhow! pictures from the event 😀

the nehs ♥

awesome shot, like the one we took in furisode in japan (but that ray of light is in my face, damnit)

two-shot with my baby >w< do we look like sisters? 😀

group photo! ♥ hahah cherrinessa, you can really see your tan in this photo…

our sushi…

and homemade korokke! we made too much and couldn’t finish them all 😦

candid profile shot of cherrinessa 😀 that’s the temari kanzashi i bought from kyoto! it really suits the yukata she was wearing~

a nice and natural candid shot of me and vivi! i love this photo (>w<)

my favourite shot of myself XD

with tsu-chan~! she was so so cute!

our kinchaku 😀 i love the colors!

with teddy ♥


neh with cotton candy

she always look good in candid shots lol 😀 that’s the ice cream that we had! all of us had different flavours~

cute shot of vivi with ice cream hahah

😀 i want more yukata outings! let’s go out for purikura and parfaits ♥

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1 Response to "盆踊り 33rd bon odori"

nice outing
nice yukata
nice nice nice ❤ ❤

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