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お誕生日おめでとう happy birthday

Posted on: July 15, 2009

it’s been more than 2 years since i first met you in university. even now, i still can’t remember the exact moment we met. i don’t have any impression of you during the interview, but i’m glad you remembered me. though, it’s kind of weird how the three of us got to be friends.

we are all different. polar opposites. the only thing we probably have in common would be our degree, and also the fact that we’re all girls. but that’s where it ends. we are all unique, and that’s probably what kept us together for so long. we complete each other. meeting you and her at university made me look forward to going for classes, and has provided me with much laughter and random stupidness.

with your friendship came silly dances, road trips and an understanding of the word “mengada.” you were the first one among us to gain the nickname “neh” (and even now i don’t know how the hell that happened), and it laid down the foundation for many catchphrases. “dei.” “amava.” “pochi da.”

even now, our time spent in japan together, the three of us, would probably be one of the best memories of my life. getting lost together, shivering in the cold spring air at some random train station that doesn’t exist on the train maps, getting attacked by deers, eating the most awesome ramen in the world, running around chasing after maiko and geisha, getting free desserts for speaking broken english to french people… it’s endless, isn’t it? now, i’m thinking about kyoto, fushimi inari shrine and the wishing board we wrote together. what we all wrote on the board, let’s make it come true some day!

thanks for the wonderful memories. i am looking forward to making more memories with both of you, and i hope that even after i go to japan, we’ll still be as close. and i hope that we’ll continue making memories, just the three of us. let’s eat ramen in japan together again, someday. i love you guys ♥

happy birthday, neh.


3 Responses to "お誕生日おめでとう happy birthday"

wow nice job lane!! its kinda touching weh… 😥 anyways, Happy birthday high note Neh!! = ) love you always!! mwah!!

thank you 🙂 friends are important to me… and good friends are hard to find so i hope three of us can keep this forever! mwah!

Dei, even now i’m confused whether i’m Neh or Esther….hahaha.. Thanks my Nehs… it’s really touching…

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