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translation : ideal date Q&A

Posted on: July 8, 2009

recently i’ve been downloading a lot of magazine scans in which arashi are featured, and it has occurred to me that i am biased towards nino lol XD meaning, i usually only read his answers/comments in magazines, and if i’m in the mood i’ll read the rest in this order : aiba-chan, oh-chan, matsujun, sho-chan. sho-chan is always the one i avoid in articles/magazines because he uses a lot of difficult words that i’m lazy to look up 😀 so it’s not because i don’t like him that much hahah!

recently i’ve gotten the scans for the new issue of potato and was bowled over by the awesome photoshoot <3<3 and the questions too, which made me like nino even more than ever!

so i’ve decided to translate the questionaire part, just for fun and to practice my japanese skills (rusty after 2 months of not going to uni). sho-chan’s answers are so difficult to translate D: but i figured if i only translated nino’s part it’s not fair to the others hahah! excuse my mistakes, for i’m not a qualified translator. well, not yet anyway…

arashi’s ideal date!
let’s hold hands!

Q1 : it’s your first date with your girlfriend ♥ which would you be happier with?

A : a natural looking girlfriend who doesn’t look like very much different from normal days
B : a girlfriend who puts in too much effort, being a little overboard/excessive

ninomiya : B. isn’t the part about going overboard/excessive cute? … somehow, lately it seems like i’ve entered the uncle-zone, it’s scary (laugh). being the same as normal days is boring, so i wish she’d put in the effort and change. even if her effort works like a minus, as long as i look at it as being cute, it’s okay!

sakurai : B. if it’s the first date, i’d somewhat want a special feeling i guess. the ideal is not to the point of dazzling the people around her, but to the degree that would make the people who know her think, “aa, she made some effort, huh?” how should i say this, to the eye it would have the image of overcoming one’s feelings.

matsumoto : A. somehow, normal is fine, i guess. probably because even for the first date i’ll go without putting in the effort, so there’s the balance. well, as for a first date, just the feeling of girls putting in the effort makes me happy. in that case i might lightly joke, “you’re in the mood/pumped up huh?”

ohno : (swift reply) A. definitely a natural girlfriend. there’s no need for any effort (laugh). though i’d also understand the feeling of putting in the effort for a first date… still, the feeling of being as natural as usual is good. no matter what, normal is the best. speaking of which, i’m really bad at these kind of questions. i don’t know how i should answer them (laugh).

aiba : B. for example, if the girl in question is from the same school or workplace as i am, i’d always be seeing the natural side of her, so for the sake of a first date, putting in the effort is okay (laugh). as for myself… well, for the present i’d put in the effort i guess. and, i’d go on a first date with a rough planning, like “what kind of date should it be?”

Q2. which type of girl is good?

A. a girl who acts flirtingly/lovey-dovey in front of other people during the date
B. a girl who is candid/frank to the point of doing her own activities during the date

ninomiya : B. the reason would be elimination. looking at other couples it would be A since i can easily make lots of retorts/jokes about it, but if i replace it with myself, it’s B. because i can’t make fun of myself (laugh). well, because i’m the type that don’t put restrictions on my girlfriend, so be free to do as you please. if she has her own activities like meeting other guys it would be shocking, but as far as own activities are concerned, isn’t it fine?

sakurai : B. flirting/being lovey-dovey outside is a definite no! but, having our own activities is lonely huh… that’s because it’s something like going for a movie date but entering two different movie theaters, right? (laugh) if the movie we want to watch is different, i guess somehow or other i’d fit myself with what she likes. even if i don’t have the interest, there are cases where it could be surprisingly interesting too.

matsumoto : A. this is a difficult choice. speaking of the middle, both ways are good i guess. well, what is the degree of the flirting? (laugh) eventually, it depends on the matter of time and place or situation. that’s manner, right? thought, when we meet up with friends, i make fun of lovey-dovey/flirting couples (among my friends) straight away.

ohno : B. there’s no need to be lovey-dovey in front of other people, that’s that, and people who can do their own activities are good. having some time for each other, i think shopping freely is also possible (staff’s retort : that’s because you want to look at fishing tools, isn’t it?) … that’s not the case (laugh) if my girlfriend wants to do her own activities, i’m okay.

aiba : / there are two extremes. being too lovey-dovey in front of other people is trouble too, being too frank is too, right? so, i’ll take the middle (laugh). it’s not like being lovey-dovey is out of the question, but i guess there has to be a reasonable degree. speaking of which, doing our own activities during a date, wouldn’t that mean that the date is meaningless?

Q3. during a date, which one is good?

A. holding hands ♥
B. linking arms ♥

ninomiya : B. i’m lost~ if we hold hands i wouldn’t want to let go of that hand huh (laugh). but hands are used to do something right? taking out your wallet or using your cellphone. in that case, i need to let go of her hand, so linking arms would be better in that case. “even though we have the chance to hand hands you’re using your cellphone?” i don’t want to be thought of that way too (laugh)

sakurai : A. i don’t like either one that much. when i look at couples linking arms, i think, “they can’t really walk normally, huh.” because the two of them look like they’re wearing haori (japanese coat) right? (laugh) and the pace and stride is different too. thinking that way, i guess it’s A… speaking of which, the girlfriend who acts lovey-dovey in Q2, doing this frankly would be a catastrophe (laugh).

matsumoto : B. for this both are possible too… no, when i think about it carefully, holding hands is a bit embarassing, so it’s B. for instance, holding hands in a drama is not embarassing at all, but when it comes to me personally, i can’t imagine it and i’d get embarassed. elementary schoolchildren linking arms while they walk is cute huh? it has a pure feeling to it so it’s good.

ohno : A. it’s just that somehow i feel that holding hands is better than linking arms. when i was a kid, when i look at couples linking arms, i’d think it’s an adult thing (mature), but now i don’t think so. well, no matter which one, being natural for this is fine isn’t it? not being decided upon due to the gender, just the act of holding hands or linking arms naturally.

aiba : / for instance, the youthful feeling of running on the seashore, or in the case where the (traffic) lights seem like they’re going to change, it would be holding hands to lead/escort her. and normally it would be linking arms i guess. it’s just my thought, but in either cases the girl would be the one doing it onto the guy right? that’s why, i’d adjust myself to the girl
depending on the situation (laugh).

Q4. if it’s a drive date?

A. i’ll drive myself!
B. it’ll be good to have her drive me~

ninomiya : B. if she wants to drive i’ll leave it to her. that’s because most of the time it would be that kind of situation. well, don’t you think that drive dates are stoic? it’s just driving (laugh). i don’t understand the motive of it. the date that i like… dating at home. though if my girlfriend wants to watch a movie i’ll go.

sakurai : A. it’s A, but it would help out a lot if my girlfriend has a license. if i get sleepy i can hand over the driving to her too. it would be good if we could have that kind of flexible activity, though it’s not like i’d definitely want her to have a license. also, when i’m driving, if she sleeps in the passenger seat, i don’t dislike it. rather, i might like it (laugh)

matsumoto : B. i like both cars and driving so i’d probably drive myself, if she wants to do it i’m fine with it too. her being in the driver’s seat and me being in the passenger seat is not a problem. according to the mood of that moment, i think the background music changes too. my car’s speakers can be connection to mp3s, and there are lots of songs in my hard drive too so we can listen to any type of songs.

ohno : B. even though i’d like to drive myself, i don’t have a license so i’ll let her drive me (laugh). i’ve thought that it would be convenient to have a license, but i haven’t thought of getting one yet. having her drive and sitting beside her is not embarassing… after all i don’t have a license (laugh). if i have a license i don’t mind taking over.

aiba : A. (after taking some time to think) i’ll be at the wheel. if it comes to the point of a long journey, it’s not a problem to change drivers too. but, if she wants to drive to the destination it’s okay, i’m not shy about sitting in the passenger seat. changing drivers according to the situation is fine too. her having a license or not doesn’t matter.

Q5. it’s a shopping date today. your girlfriend has bought a lot of things.

A. i’ll help her carry some of her bags
B. i’ll help her carry all her bags

ninomiya : B. if i carry all of them it would be B, but it also depends on my girlfriend. perhaps i’ll ask “shall i carry them?” and carry the things that she hands to me. if she hands her handbag to me as well? it’s fine, if she hands it to me i’ll carry it for her. but, how many (bags) that girlfriend hands to me, it would be a measure of her humbleness/modesty.

sakurai : A. when i work i always carry heavy bags while walking, so carrying all of them is fine with me… no, it’s A after all. that’s because, if i carry all of them for her, people around us would think of her as a bad girlfriend, right? that’s not a very good picture. according to my feelings i’d want to carry them all for her, but i’ll only carry some of them.

matsumoto : A. if she says “carry them” and hand them to me i’ll carry them, but as long as she doesn’t say anything then i won’t carry them. with her being empty-handed while i carry all of them, there’s the problem of balance, and i can’t be with that type of girl (laugh). but, let’s say if i buy her clothes for her birthday, i’d probably carry all of them for her.

ohno : A. this is A. the reason would be because i don’t want to carry all of them (laugh). if she carries a lot of paper bags, in the meantime i’ll carry a few for her. it’s not like i don’t like to carry heavy things, but it’s the matter of my girlfriend’s feelings. if she says “carry them” i’ll probably do so, but not all of them. i don’t like the difference, even if she fawns to that extent, right? (laugh)

aiba : A. it’s difficult huh, i wonder which one is it? if she has 4 shopping bags i’ll carry half… no, 3 of them. i’ll let her carry only one so i don’t spoil her (laugh). it’s not like i personally don’t like carrying all of them, but is there someone who would pass all her things to me? that’s definitely, depending on the person.

Q6. today it’s a date in a high-class restaurant. during the meal, what if she says “a~n ♥” and wants to feed you?

A. i’ll happily accept!
B. it’s embarassing… i’ll eat myself!

ninomiya : A. (swift answer) A! i’m definitely okay (with it)! it’s not embarassing at all. ultimately, with no relations to “a~n,” even if it’s food made by her or by other people (chef). being in a high-class restaurant is totally not a problem too. no matter what, we’re the customer so there’s no way we can’t do things like that right? (laugh)

sakurai : B. definitely impossible! there’s also the issue of being embarassed, there’s also the possibility of me carelessly saying “a~n” as well (laugh). if it’s just opening my mouth and eating it’s fine, but “a~n” is bad right? (laugh) if that kind of thing is said, i feel like leaving th restaurant before the next dish comes. also if it’s the case of the next dish being served during that time it’s the worst!

matsumoto : A. how high-class is this high-class? a quiet environment, with forks and spoons? in that case it’s a bit strict, but if it’s a shop with a “rough” atmosphere, i’ll happily accept (laugh). even though it’s not a very pleasant manner, no matter what we’re the customers so i think it’s fine to eat however you want.

ohno : B. Un, even though it’s B, if i’m not an idol i wonder if it’s possible (laugh). but, a high-class restaurant is somehow… that’s why i can’t do it (“a~n”) (laugh). if it’s a meal with friends or acquantainces it might be possible. well, but technically, there’s no such thing as a definite no or not, it’s not something i dwell upon.

aiba : A. i wonder if there’s the issue of it being a high-class restaurant. but… if it’s just “a~n” i’m okay with it. it’s not like i’m doing anything sneaky, so i’ll do it normally. the people in the shop, or the waiter won’t go so far as to complain about it right? somehow this seems to be close to a common-sense test.

Q7. on the contrary, are you able to do it to your girlfriend? (saying “a~n ♥”)?

A. of course! ♥
B. definitely impossible!

ninomiya : A. as with Q6, i’m totally fine with it. i think these actions are a part of a couple’s plays (entertainment, activities, etc.). (laugh) ah! sorry. for the readers of POTATO, this was a strong stimulating description (laugh). doing this kind of thing, for my own relationship it would be be like minimal exposure, but surely, couples would want to do cliched things?

sakurai : B. either way it’s strict. even if i do it, it seems it might be sloppy (laugh). like, holding out a fork while saying “here”, it might look like i’m giving bait. if i want to feed her, i’ll make sure to cut it properly to bite-size and hand it to her on a fork (laugh). it might be a high-class restaurant, but this kind of action is tough for me no matter where it is.

matsumoto : B. i won’t do it to my girlfriend. well, it’s not like i can’t do it but it’s outside (shop) right? it’s tough. if i want her to try some of my food during a meal, if it’s something like “here, do you want to try this?” i can probably do it, but i’ll definitely never say “a~n.” i won’t play with that kind of things (laugh).

ohno : / i wonder if i can do it… in this case too, either way is fine. i think i’ll be able to do it. but, actually when couples do this kind of things it’s silly (laugh). that’s only a joke, probably to fawn (to be spoilt) or to play around. it’s only, to an extent, there is also other people’s attention… with this position now it’s hard.

aiba : A. i can do it. it’s fine with me so it’s A. i’m not particularly bothered about other people’s attention. also, there is no girlfriend who would say “a~n” everytime, right? (laugh). if that happens i’ll get tired as well. that’s why, spoiling her once in a while is fine isn’t it? though there is also the matter of limits and common sense as well.


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thanks for translating. I enjoyed it lots~! =)

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Thanks for the translation! Found it by sudden with google XD

hey, thanks for translating this!
really enjoyed it…

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