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first bento

Posted on: July 1, 2009

today i was alone for lunch so i thought of packing my lunch in my bento box and see how much i can fit in it… and it was definitely too much for one person! so when uni starts i’ll pack my lunch in my disneyland bento box instead of this one 😀

another try at the octodogs. i’ve tried it once and it didn’t work very well, it turns out that i cut the tentacles wrongly >w< hahah i've made 2 cute carp sausages too. don't they look cute?

my favourite ingredient in the kitchen 😀 bread crumbs, otherwise known as panko in japanese

korokke and sausages all done and placed on paper towels to soak any extra oil

success! my cute octodogs 😀 a bit shrivelled though, any ideas how to prevent this? or maybe it’s the wrong type of sausage… i usually don’t eat sausages but i have to now, because they look so cute 😀

everything packed into my bento! 3 pieces of cream korokke, 2 sausage octopuses, 2 carp sausages and 3 quail eggs

close up on the cute carps

i tried making a cat korokke 😀 i should have decorated the eggs too but i was lazy

the cream sauce was too hard and congealed :S it was tough to chew… i shouldn’t have cook it for so long D: in any case i still like potato and meat korokke…


3 Responses to "first bento"

i want the korokke!! *drools

the tentacles are supposed to curl up to become tako no? try cuting the sausage tentacles shorter.the thin Malaysian sausages ALWAys shrivel up. except those fat ones,cheese sausages etc. 😄 Plus make a shallow x on top of the head.
My fav site : http://www.justbento.com
I have no other will to make other dishes then a hachimitsu sando day in and day out. thank god I only go to class 3 days a week now. X3
❤ neko

Awesome! ^__^ Can’t wait to see more bento from you.

I find that those tiny cocktail sausages work pretty well because there’s no skin on the outside to shrivel.

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