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oyakodon 親子丼

Posted on: June 30, 2009

🙂 yesterday i finally made oyakodon for lunch! teddy gave it a thumbs-up >w< it was nice~ but i used chicken stock instead of katsuobushi stock so perhaps it doesn’t really taste like the one we ate in japan? but it was tasty so who cares! i couldn’t get the raw egg to look nice on the chicken though…

oyakodon is basically chicken meat with raw egg poured over the meat and rice 😀 it’s a common meal in japan that is considered cheap and fast. the name oyakodon is a combination of the words oyako and don.

oyako 親子 means parent-and-child (refering to the chicken as the “parent” and the egg as the “child”)
don 丼 means a ricebowl meal (usually with topping like meat)

preparations for lunch starts at 10am

i love onions! they’re a pain to cut though D: but i love the sound of onions being cut on the cutting board

chicken marinated with usukuchi shoyu and mirin, with a bit of cornflour

bought quail eggs the night before :3 they’re pretty useful in making bento

after decoration :3 it puts a smile on one’s face when your food looks cute! and don’t worry, it’s edible =w= i used seaweed to make the faces

a close-up of the quail eggs on the oyakodon

a fulfilling meal!

tomorrow i’ll be challenging something i’ve made before, but in a cuter style 😀


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