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omuraisu + vegetable stew

Posted on: June 27, 2009

made lunch for myself today 😀 since i usually only cook meat, i figured i should start eating some vegetables >w< i only like eating vegetables that are cooked till soft, as in so-soft-you-don't-even-need-to-chew-them soft, so i tried making vegetable stew since it would soften the vegetables 😀

ingredients for the vegetable stew

no other things added 😀 just the original taste of the vegetables, plus a bit of salt.

mushrooms :3 i used the top for the omuraisu and the stems were tossed into the vegetable stew.

i seriously need a non-stick pan D: the omelette for the omuraisu failed awesomely. i could cry looking at it. the rice was awesome though.

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3 Responses to "omuraisu + vegetable stew"

friend, seriously…cooking is already not easy and u have time to take photo somemore.
next shall we anticipate a video on how u cook?

haha… it’s not bad lah 😀 it’s fun actually, if you have all the ingredients on hand. video… no >w< so ugly how to put up?! paiseh man…

Next time u and Vivi will be bringing nice Bento.. 😦 *sob

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