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fridge cleaning

Posted on: June 27, 2009

i was horrified by the state of the refridgerator in my house and proceeded to clean it out for about 2 hours. my mother is always nagging me to clean up my room but boy oh boy, you should have seen the disgusting mess that was hidden in that big white box…

it’s all clean now, and the plastic containers of meat in the freezer are now labelled so that i will know what the hell is in each container 😀 have been eager to cook these past few days after watching too much mago mago arashi! i enjoy the cooking but the cleaning up always suck.

i want a non-stick frying pan 😦 better still, a square one so i can make my tamagoyaki in peace.

😀 i love neatly labelled stuff. it’s the ocd in me, i swear!

after hours of cleaning…

it finally looks neat and tidy. i can stop worrying about maggots now…

a reward for myself :3

looking forward for uni to reopen so i can try my hand at bento!


2 Responses to "fridge cleaning"

my mum would be very happy if only i were half of u XD

haha i only do this type of things once-in-a-blue-moon… so usually when i get the urge to clean it doesn’t stop 😀 my mum thinks i’m having a fever at these times

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