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Posted on: June 22, 2009

i’m so proud of myself today >w< i've managed to cook simple lunch for four today 😀 it was a bit hectic in the kitchen because i overslept so there was not enough time and i was worried that it might not be done in time for when my cousin comes home from school so i had teddy help me with some things.

today’s lunch 😀 minced pork korokke, miso soup and tamagoyaki
my first time ever cooking something that is not premade, packaged and instant!

tamagoyaki. this was very sad for me because upon pouring the egg into the non-stick pan i realized due to my mother the non-stick pan is now very-stick pan.

my happy korokke! a bit too bland for everyone’s taste but it was my first time so i didn’t want to risk making it too salty by drowning it in usukuchi shoyu and mirin XD shall improve on the seasoning of the pork and marinate it a bit longer (and saltier). will eventually need to learn how to make the dipping sauce because teddy was bitching about not having any sauce for the korokke

since i’m pretty much bored at home lately i’m motivated to try to cook more stuff. watching mago mago arashi makes me feel happy 😀 “hey i can do that!”

cooking is fun huh?

but it’s good if you have someone else to help you wash the mess you make in the kitchen afterwards 😀


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