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虹 niji

Posted on: June 10, 2009

i’ve always liked 二宮和也 ninomiya kazunari from 嵐 arashi but recently i’ve been really obsessed about him to the point of actually DREAMING about him XD;; not only is he cute, he is also very talented in many aspects : sports (he was the MVP for the johnny’s sports event), music (he composes, sings, dances and plays the guitar and piano) and acting.

recently i’ve been really into his solo performances, and one of my favourite songs is 虹 niji, meaning “rainbow” in japanese. it’s written from a girl’s point of view, saying how she wishes her boyfriend could say nice things to her once in a while, but he is awkward and shy about it. in the end he eventually says that she is beautiful (when compared to the rainbow both of them saw), and seeing his embarassed face, she says thank you. the melody is nice and simple, and his voice suits the song perfectly.

screencaps from the arashi around asia 2008 in tokyo (time) concert of nino’s solo performance

he looks good with glasses 😀 even if he’s all drenched in sweat…

i like his outfit too >w< he plays a kawai ^▽^

close up

in the end of the performance he removes his glasses. i didn’t know the act of removing one’s glasses can be so heart-stoppingly sexy *O* lots of other fans agree, because that small gesture made all the girls scream XD

how my desktop looks like now 😀 i made a wallpaper with the screencaps from the performance. i simply must buy this dvd when i go to japan in september *O*


4 Responses to "虹 niji"

Fangirling! Don’t be too obsessed. Later kor jealous 😉 Ohno, Sho, Nino, Jun and Aiba…each of them got their own talent and all. Very hard to choose ONE you know!!!!

[…] found out about this song from Onigiri-chan and after listening to the lyrics (and superb piano performance!) you can’t blame for falling […]

this is just too beautiful for words … can’t help it if i fall for this guy … seriously after hearing this don’t you just want to embrace him …

yes it’s beautiful… his voice and his expression… i fell deeper than i already have!

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