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dreams come true II

Posted on: June 4, 2009

🙂 i’ve finally gotten a positive reply from waseda university!!!

i’ve been officially accepted as an international exchange student for the academic year 2009 to the following department after screening.

school : center for japanese language
study period : 9/21/2009 – 7/31/2010

gotta read the forms and fill them up so i can send them by fax asap >w< i'm so relieved that it's finally here! now i gotta take care of the university withdrawal forms and also the air tickets and scholarship forms… time to get busy!

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4 Responses to "dreams come true II"

さすがおにぎりちゃんだね ^_^

Waaahhh!! Omedetou ^O^/ *hugshugs*

thank you ;w; *hugs*

Aren’t you glad that after so much you went through, you fcame to this, love? Am so so so so happeeee for you! ^__^ *Squeezes*
I haven’t been there much with you much this few years but I still remember how much you want this (Studying in Japan that is and living there.) so, lordy this is great for you, OMETEDOU!~ X33 *twitters*
love always,
You can celebrate the obon matsuri in ’10. Its a long shot from this year but I’m glad my wish for you came true. ^^

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