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04.12 himeji 姫路

Posted on: June 2, 2009

vivi said that the memories of japan were starting to fade for her, but for me it’s as brilliant as ever. i can still feel the cold wind against my cheeks, hear the train announcements in my ears and taste the soft, chewy texture of dango in my mouth. so i hope that for all of us who went to japan, it will forever be a brilliant memory in our lives 🙂 therefore, i hope these entries will help remind us of what we had there in japan.

so now let’s cut the emo stuff and head on to the happy memories!

the day after we visited nara, we woke up again at the ungodly hour of 6am and proceeded to have breakfast in the cafeteria before heading out towards the train station. our plan (my plan actually, vivi and neh were like, “okay we just follow wherever you go” lol thanks guys your faith in me is touching) was to visit 姫路城 himeji castle, also known as the white egret castle. himeji castle is one of japan’s unesco heritage site and also one of the most famous castles in japan so considering that we were in kansai, visiting this castle is almost a must, i reckon.

we took the 南海線 nankai line to 難波 namba station again, and then changed to 御堂筋線 midosuji line. we got off at 梅田 umeda station and from umeda we took the 阪神線 hanshin line to 姫路 himeji 😀 this journey took us almost 3 hours and we were really, really tired after all that travelling D: imagine 3 more hours of travelling back to osaka!

an interesting sight on the train between namba and umeda 😀 this ko-gal came on board, squatted down on the floor and started doing her make-up. her bag had everything : all her make-up items, a big mirror, a hairbrush and huge earrings. i spotted a pair of slippers in a paper bag too. overslept perhaps? she looks pissed off the whole time hahah.

a cute guy with a cute shark bag on the train to himeji 😀 haha i was so excited seeing him but i couldn’t get a clear photo of him without being overly stalkish…

arrival in himeji! i like taking picture of manhole covers. though this one is a fire hydrant cover…

cute drawings on the a random shop’s grills.

before we had lunch, we walked along the way heading towards the castle and saw lots of interesting shops, modern sculptures of naked people (honestly) and an awesome kimono shop with the most beautiful furisode that i can never ever afford ;_;

we also went to a flea market that was going on in the open space in front of the castle and neh bought herself a new bag =D i bought 2 second-hand juban (underkimono) for 500円 at an antique shop nearby – a great bargain!

a happy stall that brings memories of summer festivals

takoyaki! ❤

we had lunch at a small udon shop called めんめ menme, which serves handmade udon! it was great *O* we sat at the counter watching the old man make the udon and pulling them apart, strand by strand.

kitsune udon :3 i forgot to tell them that i didn’t want the spring onions D: damn. the udon were really soft and chewy *O* 600円 for my kitsune udon ^^ handmade udon ftw ❤

after lunch we walked towards the castle, along with the hordes of humans who were there for cherry blossom viewing. we came during the right time as the cherry blossoms were REALLY in full bloom on sunday compared to the previous day in nara.

a clean street is a happy street.

the cherry blossoms around the moat surrounding the castle grounds.


a loving couple underneath the cherry blossoms, unaware of anything else but the world in which the two of them live in (i bet the single people would get deadly jealous at them and throw things at them from afar lol)

姫路城 himeji castle in the distance (from neh’s camera)

another angle, also from neh’s camera 😀

a love this shot somehow, no idea why. approaching the castle 😀 the sky was a clear blue and there was a soft wind blowing the scattered blossoms around

entrance to the castle was 600円 but the sad thing was we went up towards the castle but we didn’t get to enter the castle because the queue was so long that it’ll take approximately 3 hours for our turn D: damn. oh well. at least we went…

close up of the cherry blossoms ❤

fresh maple leaves. these leaves would look great in autumn ^_^

the cherry blossoms make my whole face looks pink 😀

the pond inside the castle was covered with fallen petals O_O

scattered petals on the ground in the rain gutter. poetically sad.

close up of the castle 🙂 called the white egret castle due to its all white appearance, this is one of the most famous castles in japan!

fallen leaves in the gutter beside the 腹切丸 harakiri maru well. this place is where they use to commit harakiri… no blood though, which is sadly disappointing 😦 this photo looks kind of autumnish 😀

while this photo looks very springish. i love close ups of the scattered petals on the floor! the whole castle grounds was filled with cherry blossoms!

a cute little boy looking at the amusing antics of drunk adults dancing on the field. look at all that pink the background!? and the people underneath them… are saving spaces for cherry blossom viewing parties at night. some of them brought their own karaoke set.

it was a tiring but interesting experience 😀 we talked to a nervous looking man who works for mitsubishi and he was very interested in talking to us hahah. his japanese accent was so thick that it was hard to decipher what he was trying to tell us… turns out he wants to tell us about the story of the haunted well O_o; there is a well called the okiku well in the castle grounds and… it’s a weird ghost story about a servant who was wrongly framed by a jealous person, who claimed okiku was the culprit who broke one of the 10 precious dishes belonging the the shogun… or something like that. it was a weird story.

total used : 1,900円
photos taken : 388 shots

i wouldn’t go back there again lol. the time taken the travel to himeji is tiring 😀 i’m glad i got it out of my to-do list =w=

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6 Responses to "04.12 himeji 姫路"

I love your photos. Do you live in japan?

i was in japan for an exchange program and most probably will be there again in september 🙂 thanks for looking at my photos, i love taking photos! wish i had a dslr though!

Thats awesome, just reading your blog I realized you’re from KL … I was in KL a couple of months ago. It was fun, but I guess its not that much fun compared to Japan. I’ve been to Japan a couple times as well, so i’m a nippo-phile as yourself.

I should be going to Japan end of the year too ^_^ possibly to teach english next year too.

Yes, photos with DSLR are so much more vivid aren’t they?

I like your French page names ^_^ at least somebody in the blogosphere has class… the word recherche just takes me back to a la recherche du temps perdu… in search of lost time – have you read it?

thank you for the compliment! it really makes my day 🙂 i don’t know any french though but would love to learn it someday, it’s really a beautiful language. i haven’t read that before but if i ever have the time and the luck i’ll look out for it. thanks for the suggestion!

yes i’m a malaysian, studying in kl. i live in a town called klang though, about 30 minutes’ drive from kl.

yes, photos with dslr are really much more vivid and beautiful, but of course anyone with a digital camera can take photos and cheat on it a bit with photoshop 😉

OMG ! stumbled upon your blog and loved it. its a shame that you cant get the cute guy with the cute bag’s pic but i can tell he’s hott xD

Thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed reading 🙂 I’ll be looking forward to more comments 😉

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