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accomplishments of twenty nine days

Posted on: May 9, 2009

before i left for japan, i wrote up a list of things that i want to do in japan. keeping in mind that i was only there for 29 days and always in osaka 80% of the time…

01. visit the studio ghibli museum (tokyo)
02. attend at least one ayu concert
03. maiko photoshoot (kyoto)
04. dress up in a furisode and visit the shrine on new year’s day
05. participate in mochi making
06. take a picture with hachiko (tokyo)
07. go to an onsen (more of a public bath, but oh well)
08. visit the fushimi inari shrine (kyoto)
09. play with the deers at nara
10. disneysea! (tokyo)
11. count the stones at ryoanji (kyoto)
12. hanami
13. sylvanian families theme park (tokyo)
14. take photos with shisha (okinawa)
15. buy marimo (hokkaido)
16. try osaka’s takoyaki & okonomiyaki
17. then compare it to hiroshima’s okonomiyaki (was down with fever)
18. place handmade cranes at the hiroshima memorial (no time T_T)
19. eat lavender ice-cream (hokkaido)
20. visit shizuoka aquarium & look around shizuoka for chibimaruko signs
21. take at least one photo with the huge rilakkuma outside the rilakkuma shop
22. attend an ayaka concert and buy concert goodies for kp
23. see fuji-san upclose 😀
24. collect stamps from as many train stations as i can get
25. go to mount akina and watch downhill races
26. take kimono dressing classes/shamisen classes
27. attempt to visit all prefectures if possible
28. eat castella at nagasaki
29. visit toushougu (nikko)
30. take a look at the pissed-off-looking daibutsu (nara)
31. go up to tokyo tower!
32. eat oden at a roadside stall
33. go to a local matsuri and look at fireworks in yukata
34. go on the monster ferris wheel in odaiba (only saw it but didn’t go on it)
35. visit himeji castle
36. go to the tottori sand dunes
37. visit kinkakuji (kyoto)
38. drink the water for health at kiyomizudera
39. eat crepes in harajuku
40. touch the creepy big floating torii in miyajima (hiroshima)

sigh. i still have a long, long way to go…

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