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04.25 fushimi inari taisha, kyoto 伏見稲荷大社、京都

Posted on: May 5, 2009

it’s always been one of the things i really wanted to do if i ever had the chance to go to japan, and now i can proudly cross off one of the things on my “places-to-visit-before-i-die” list :

fushimi inari taisha, kyoto

it’s no secret that i love kyoto the most out of all the places in japan, and one of the reasons why i love kyoto is the perfect balance of human and nature. many may not have heard this name before, but i’m sure most of you have seen pictures of this place before 🙂 it was also featured in the movie “memoirs of a geisha,” in the scene where little chiyo was running through the endless red torii in the forest >w< sounds familiar now?

it was raining the whole day so i couldn’t get nicer pictures, but i’m satisfied that i’ve visited the shrine at least once in my life. i’m planning to go again, during fall, because then the maple leaves will be at its most beautiful 😀 (that, and i hope to go on a sunny day)

for now, let the pictures do the talking.

even the train station received influence from the shrine!

when you’re in fushimi, eat fushimi-don! 😀

the entrance to fushimi town 😀

i love this shot.

senbazuru, also known as “a thousand cranes” 😀 students praying for success in their university entrance exams.

another fox statue 🙂

cute kitsune wishing boards 😀 you have to draw the faces on yourselves… i took photos of some of the ones i found interesting 😀

the entrance to the pathway to nothingness

finally!!! the red torii gatessssss! it was kind of creepy but really really quiet and tranquil… you can hear your own heartbeat, almost!

halfway up the mountain, there was a lake… in the mountains? i don’t really get it but it was beautiful 😀

one of the many traditional japanese teahouses on the way up

close up of one of the older gates

this shrine is protected by fox guardians who are given offerings of inarizushi, hence the name of the shrine (and why there are so many dox related things being sold in this town)

on the way down, you can see the names of the people who contributed to the funding of each torii gate and the year the gate was put up

finally, a cute statue of two foxes as opposed to the creepy forbidding ones i’ve uploaded up there.

it was a really awesome experience, and i would love to visit the shrine again soon on a better day (with no rain please) because when it rains my jeans get soaked and my socks get soggy 😦 words can’t describe how in awe i was at the shrine ❤ kyoto i love you~!


2 Responses to "04.25 fushimi inari taisha, kyoto 伏見稲荷大社、京都"

Aaaaa! I wanna go visit that shrine! It looks really good, and so many foxes…

Thank you for posting this. *Adds to her list*

SCARY! Reminds me of the story you told me >.<
That kitsune wishing board very cute! Can see lots of different faces. Hahaha.

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