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Posted on: March 23, 2009

last night i went to genji japanese restaurant at pj hilton with my family for a buffet dinner >w< it’s been quite a while since we’ve gone to a new restaurant, since we keep going to the same hotels and the same restaurants! so we decided to try genji to see how well it fares. that, and i had the chance to try out my new camera 😀 enjoy!

my parents like oysters. me, no. being a sweets/desserts lover, i headed straight for the desserts section to take photos of the food!

i love this shot a lot! ❤ you can dip this in the chocolate fondue…

as well as the marshmallows :3

mini tiramisu cakes

mango pudding with strawberries

pudding with assorted fruits. i took the chocolate stick.

wine, anyone?

the food wasn’t all that great, but i got VERY excited. why, you ask? because the waitresses were all wearing kimono. YES. no cheap, kimono-lookalikes brocade costumes. no satin or nylon robes whatsoever. they were all wearing really cute kimonos that look like houmongi to me but there was one lady who was wearing a komon as well 😀

i SO wanted a photo of them but they were so busy i couldn’t take a clear shot 😦 so this is the closest shot i got, and you can see that they had the obi makura, obijime and also the obiage! very cute temari balls on the obi too 🙂 the obi’s a bit lopsided but that’s understandable, the way they’ve been rushing back and forth the restaurant the whole night.

lights 😀

udon 😀

darumaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa 😀 those pebbles look dangerously close to falling apart huh :S but my guess is they’re all probably glued on tight… right?


wasabi 😦

salad for my mum

then i went back to taking photos of desserts and cakes :p

giant fruit tart

and strawberry jello

O_O my god, the lights in the restaurant turned my maguro PINK! i assure you it was RED and tasty.

more lights 😀

soybeans that look uncannily like petai

chawanmushi <3<3<3 my love!

raw octopus slices *RAWR*

i had okonomiyaki too 😀 it was nice but sadly cold 😦

and finally, my cute pink nail with white polka dots, and the little tag on my napkin (actually i just want you guys to see my nails…)


2 Responses to "itadakimasu!"

Laney, how come the picture of udon became a picture of the wine there wan?? 😛 uploaded the wrong pic is it?? hehehe..anyways, it looks so yummy…dang it…i need a break too!!

Looks like you had fun, dear! How much was it per person?

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