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Posted on: March 18, 2009

😀 my long time obsession~~~ been watching a lot of mago mago arashi and shukudai-kun so i’ve been more obssessed than usual >w< enjoy some nino goodness ❤

oh yeah… for those who don’t know 😀 his name is 二宮和也 ninomiya kazunari, from the super boy band arashi ❤ he sings, composes, plays the guitar and piano, acts, hosts and dances!

he looks super young in this photo so i reckon it must be old… but glasses = MOE!


3 Responses to "nino"

Seriously…i begin to like Nino. He’s cuter than Jun!! He got that guai kia looking XD and HIS LIPS “=3” MYGOODNESS!!!! @_@

he cute right? >w< sexy in a good boy way leh… he very talented! can do lots of things hee hee!

WHAT CAN HE DO?! Lol…can dance, sing, play musical instruments…what else? Hahaha. Dei…today got go makan or not?? If got then i dont wanna go art class dy. I dont wanna miss the dinner =3

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