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all in a day

Posted on: March 12, 2009

went to klcc for marley and me with the girls today 🙂 it was great to get a chance to unwind and relax after much hair-pulling and brain-breaking. here’s a picspam of my day! it’s great to be able to take photos with a real camera instead of the phone camera 😀

do you? i don’t, not really 😀 except the shopping malls of course (you know who you are, owner of this car!)

a rare picture

i wish i could walk along the train tracks…

how original =w=;

breakfast, anyone? we had these together with sushi 😀 guess which drink is mine and i give you one hug.

we went to the galeri petronas and stared at the humanwatching paintings, while neh and i try to analyse the meanings behind the cockroaches and camels

vivi had pasta for lunch due to her less-than-cooperative mouth which still hurts after the wisdom tooth operation…

while me and neh had yoshinoya

onigiri for dinner, rilakkuma pretzel sticks just for the sake of it being cute and a brand new usagi file ❤

after that, i took the bus back to uni from the train station and then proceeded to wait for ONE AND A HALF HOURS DAMNIT for the stupid bus back to college. in the end i gave up and started walking. halfway through, kean spotted me (THANK GOD) and gave me a lift.

they just hate us, don’t they? stupid buses.


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just as I heart KL. =D

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