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Posted on: March 1, 2009

😀 i’ve gotten my new toy~ finally! a camera of my own… of course, i have to pay my parents back later but for now, here you go!

nikon cameras are so far the best… of course a DSLR would be awesome but it costs about RM2k for the most basic one and i don’t have the money for it 😦

with these i shall conquer japan!

taken with my camera phone last tuesday >w< neh all dolled-up for a chamber concert. i love the “pure” feeling of this photo!

@ william’s after the chamber concert 🙂 isn’t it cute? apparently i have a hidden talent – making weird ice towers in my ribena special!


4 Responses to "new toy"

Finally, u got ur toy…at least its better than nothing eh? U can buy ur dream Nikon later… 🙂 i gotta agree that neh indeed looked pure.. 😀 so suci… haha…

next time when i work only i buy my slr lo 😦 haha this camera is good enough for me now! you gonna bring your sis’s camera?

Your toy is so beautiful~ jealous nyerrr =3
Ehh….10mp, not bad leh!
Neh neh looks pretty~ “snow white” since she wore white and she’s so fair XD

fuyooh!!! suci~ Next time i’m gonna try something different…. sexy maybe??

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