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golden month

Posted on: February 27, 2009

in less than a month i’ll be going to japan for a one-month exchange program with some of the best people in the world XD (no lah exaggerating pulak) it’s a fully-sponsored trip organized by the japan foundation and is called the japan-east network of exchange for students and youths (JENESYS) program! never in my life did i think i will ever have the opportunity to visit japan with some of the most important people in my life, so i am really thankful and grateful for the chance ;w;

we will be based in the japan foundation japanese language institute, kansai (south osaka) ^^ here you go, a brief itinerary of my stay!

3/29 departure to japan
3/31 orientation/placement test
4/4 homestay
4/9~10 tokyo visit
4/16~18 kyoto-hiroshima visit
4/22 presentation
4/24 closing ceremony
4/27 departure from japan

those days in the middle that i have not listed down are mainly classes, cultural experiences and free time 😀

weekly allowance : 5000en
daily food allowance : 2400en

kp, you want me to help you buy anything? 😀 tell me okay!

or anyone else who wants me to help them buy… i can try but i can’t promise i can find whatever you are looking for :S


3 Responses to "golden month"

hmm i dunno what to ask you to buy leh… i’ll chat with you on WLM/msn soon!

JEALOUS MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

but you so deserve a trip there… do have fun nya?



I will be in Osaka on 10 April ^___^

if you are in Hiroshima between 17-18 April, we might be able to meet up

have a safe trip!

btw here’s my Japan mobile phone e-mail if you need to contact me

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