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flowers over cows

Posted on: February 4, 2009

during the chinese new year holiday i went to this temple in jenjarum called fgs dongzhen (kind of a yearly ritual since about 3 or 4 years ago) since it was reputedly beautiful during the chinese new year season *shrugs* photospam, as usual 😀 i took loads of them but since most of them are not really spamworthy i’m just gonna put up my absolute favourite shots 😀 enjoy.

a pretty lantern i so wanted to bring home. the inside turns around to display different parts of a chinese painting!

i think this is a lotus… though i’m not really sure since it looks a bit suspicious.

a gorgeous close up, even if i do say so myself :p

a really huge cow that looks evil after its eyes get lit up at night D:

curse of the golden flowerrrrrrrrrr 😀 i love taking photos of chrysenthemums because upclose they are almost transluscent, really magnificient!

cute cow poster 😀

(fake) plum blossoms.

happy chinese new year!

will be applying to waseda university for my 1-year exchange program, hopefully everything goes well >o< lots of wrinkles to be smoothed over but i’m crossing my fingers and wishing that no major problems pop up. the 1-month trip is confirmed now woo hoo!!!! japan here i come ;w; finally, my dream of a lifetime is going to come true ❤

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