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i don’t like mondays

Posted on: February 2, 2009

😦 i’m glad there’s no class today (public holiday whee!) but sadly, in a few more minutes i shall be screamed at to shut down the laptop and get going back to my college. sigh. i hate going back because there is always so much stuff to carry up the 4 flights of stairs D: they should invest in an elevator.

shall post a new photospam later when i’ve settled in again to hostel.

… i’ve just realized that i didn’t get much work done this whole week o_o good grief what on earth have i been doing?! travelling, eating, travelling a bit more, sleeping. oh wait i cleaned up my room 😀 (while watching pride & prejudice AGAIN, which always make my hands stop moving and just stare at colin firth)

i shall have to work extra hard to finish all my assignments by 2 weeks’ time if i were to have any peace of mind.

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1 Response to "i don’t like mondays"

trust me…there are ppl who is worse than u…havent done work…for example, me!! 😛

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