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seiko matsuda

Posted on: January 19, 2009

>w< i’ve finally gotten my hands on my first pair of geta! 下駄, as it is written in japanese, is the footwear worn together with yukata and occasionally, kimono. it was a despair for me, owning 3 sets of yukata and a kimono, and not having any appropriate geta to go with it D: for one, it’s hard to find nice geta here in malaysia and two, to buy it online is expensive (plus i don’t know the quality if i don’t touch it). one of my lecturers will be going back to japan (after 10 years of being in my faculty) so she was selling off a lot of her things for really low prices because she didn’t want to lug them back.

tsu told me that our sensei has a pair of brand new, never-worn-before geta for sale at just RM100 so i thought, hey what the hell, i’ll just buy that huh? i was expecting a normal pair of geta but imagine my shock when i opened the paper bag to reveal a white box with the words "seiko matsuda yukata" on it.

as far as wafuku (japanese clothing) brands go, this is one of the best-selling ones O_O; opening it to find a beautiful pair of designer geta for just RM100 when the market price for these are around RM300 makes me cry in joy ;w;

now to buy more wafuku when i go to japan 😀 wafuku collection here i come!

but before that i think i need a new cupboard for all my yukata and kimono stuff ‘o’

p/s : flickr is being a pain in the ass right now so i’ll upload the photos later when and if it ever behaves.


6 Responses to "seiko matsuda"

thanks!! >w< they’re very comfortable.

i won’t know that 😦

Very nice!!!! I also wang~~ =3

and the size fits you?

wow…it’s probably waiting for the rightful owner in your sensei’s cupboard.

Do you know about SEIKO MATSUDA??

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