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stupidity comes in many forms

Posted on: January 14, 2009

you know you’re stupid when you’ve managed to take a part of the skin on the top of your foot off and cause it to bleed nonstop with the zipper on the pants you’re wearing.

i can’t believe how these things ever happen to me.

in other news, my classmate is running for the campus election (representing my faculty) and apparently he needs my name, matrix card number and 2 passport photos of me O_O; i am still unsure about my role in this asshattery but he assured me that i don’t have to do anything because he just needs my name to get a “pass” to be able to start his campaign.

so… i said… yes?

man am i getting a bad feeling from all this… i hope nothing goes horrendously wrong D: (read: i hope i didn’t make a bloody stupid choice)

our lecturer called him up and managed to persuade him to quit running in the election. hooray! 🙂 he really needs to prioritize and right now, the number one thing on his list should be his studies. i don’t want to see him slipping off the cliff like so many other power-hungry people in campus. he’s weak-hearted so he couldn’t say no when his friend made this request… be strong! (i should take note too)

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3 Responses to "stupidity comes in many forms"

wah, don’t simply trust people. not many people are like me.


and why would you wanna take the skin off? @__@

it was not done on purpose lah… 😦 i was too careless and stupid and hence, skin came off =w= it HURTS!

i know D: nowadays punya undergraduates memang… like to manipulate and use other people only! my classmate is one of those people who are too nice to say no.

nice ppl always get themselves into SHIT!!! and they cant help it…

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