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all work and no play

Posted on: January 8, 2009

makes me a happy geek 🙂

yes, i do admit to being a geek. or nerd, whichever suits your fancy. that having been said, i am probably a disgrace to the geek community, as i’ve always joked with my friends. in the olden days, the word “geek” means someone who studies a lot, has practically no social life whatsoever and does not really care about their physical appearance, prefering to spend that precious time finding out how many miliseconds it takes an average human to blink their eyes.

but i, on the other hand, am different. i study (happily) what i am expected to, as well as what i am not needed to, but that’s only because i finish my things fast AND i feel bored whenever i don’t have anything on my hands. i DO have a social life. and a fairly good one at that (just ask any of my friends). i have been accused of being a “social butterfly” which, in the beginning, made me sputter “i SO am not!” incessantly, but now, i consider it a compliment 😀

and yes, i do care about my physical appearance, despite how i act sometimes. i buy and use nail polish. i have weekly mask routines to pamper myself. i put on some powder and blusher whenever i go out on a special occasion. i want to own a kimono in every shade of colour known to men (or women). i wish i had the money to buy everything and anything from the face shop.

i’ve been called a geek, even today 😀 the difference is, i love being a geek, and i wouldn’t change myself for anything ❤ thanks for the compliment, guys :p


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