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sakura さくら

Posted on: January 2, 2009

listening to moriyama naotarou’s songs often made me think about a lot of things. a lot of SAD things, might i say. his voice is just filled with raw emotion and feels pure, untainted with commercialism that so often comes with a huge percentage of japanese pop songs today. it’s odd how much more sad i feel everytime i listen to his songs, yet somehow i feel stronger and more determined than ever. funny, isn’t it?

from flickr, gogojingo

“sakura” makes me wonder about my graduation in the future. it’s a given that i won’t be studying with my current classmates anymore after this semester ends, that i won’t be graduating alongside some of the best friends i’ve come to know in my university days. many people tell me that what i am getting in return is well worth the sacrifice, seeing as it is a chance that not many people have, a chance that might never come ever again.

but it still makes my heart ache to think that at the same time this year, my friends will be completing their thesis and final year projects, and finally graduating with pride. i will too, when i finish my last year upon coming back, but it shall be a lonely journey without the people whose company i’ve come to crave. no more crazy conversations, no more lunch breaks, no more calling each other up in the morning wondering if they overslept. it’s ironic how i’ve always wanted to have “sakura” as our song during our graduation party but i won’t be graduating with them. i’ve always thought that i would surely cry during our graduation, for “sakura” is a very meaningful and personal song for me. but now it seems i might be crying for completely different reasons *laugh*

nevertheless, regardless of how lonely it might be, it will be a road i must walk by myself if i want to experience what i’ve been longing for these past 8 to 10 years. i must remind myself that although i’d like to think that friendships and human relationships are not that fragile, not that easily broken, reality is harsh. but in my naive heart i will keep hoping that no matter how long, and how far the distance, the bonds that i’ve made in these past couple of years shall last for as long as i live.

therefore, my new year’s resolution would be to love and appreciate everyone, and everything around me.

happy 2009 明けましておめでとうございます


4 Responses to "sakura さくら"

wow..this post is really….i dont know how to describe it…but i was kind of touched reading it… anyways, we’ll always be BFF!! 😛

thanks vi… i don’t like to show my emo side to people hahah… smiles are the best! bffs are right… let’s make the trip to japan the best time of our lives!

haha..its weird when u emo anyways..makes me wanna emo more!! i want all the attention remember?? haha…nah..juz kidding…hehe…lets not emo… 😛 JAPAN here the Nehs come!!

eh..dun la emo like tat…anyways i’m glad we met each other..really…BFF and EVER…let’s ROCK JAPAN TOGETHER!!!!

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