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comic fiesta 2008

Posted on: December 23, 2008

cf2008 was epik =D the venue was awesome, though i was disappointed with the lack of lines at the ticketing booths and also the horrid lights in the event hall D: but other than that, everything is awesome! it’s really unbelievable that cf has grown to such tremendous heights in just a few years! cheers to the awesome committee members and also the helpers, as well as those who came all the way from all over malaysia (and also singapore, etc.). thank you to darling audrey, you’re so awesome that i find ticketing actually FUN (but yes, it would be great if we could see what’s happening inside the hall D: though this time our booths look more professional…).

a picture says a thousand words, so as usual, here you go, in no particular order. enjoy.

we were stuck for so long in this pose because there was an endless stream of flashes from the photographers D: my smile eventually froze.

possibly my favourite couple of the event *O* I WANT TO MOLEST THAT DRESS OMG

faust. it was scary because the moment i asked for a picture he just thrusted this knife right at me.

bunny and mintos, with the kanzashi they bought from me *O* thank you darlings! they match your outfits perfectly!

raincloud and her ultimate book of doom :p

i am so in love with kazeki’s wings and wig *O*

zend, your costume is made of win.

he’s ovbiously trying very hard not to lol XD

thank you zymz for letting me play with your guitar 🙂

shochan with his fantabulous tophat and butterfly

pimp!kitsune inviting the wrath of REN!

wilddrive’s evil smirk is spot on XD

habukchan being himself


jin D: your finger!

shereen and sring <3<3<3

onigiri’s little helper =D her (real) name is also the name of an alcohol. any guesses?

finally getting to meet chiiyo face to face =D it was so awesome that you can recognize me!!!! >w<

joker :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

chocolime >w< your chibimoon super cute!!!

there are a lot of photos but most of them are dark and grainy D: so there you go 😦

it was a blast! next year i probably won’t get to go so… thanks for everything, guys!!! i love you ❤


1 Response to "comic fiesta 2008"

omg! omg! i missed CF~!! T___T

btw which characters are they cos-ing in the 2nd pic?? can’t recognize any anime with them in it…

you are as cute as ever in that lovely outfit ^___^
kazeki’s wings are *hearts* they looked very fragile~
chocolime is so cute as chibi usa~

gosh~ i am so outdated…have not logged into CF for ages~

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