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Posted on: December 11, 2008

=D i finally got off my lazy ass and edited the roadtrip photos from teddy’s camera. we had a great time there even though i felt so tired i was literally sleepwalking! i swear, my bones never felt the same ever again =w= i tried to make the photos more interesting by adding some stuff to them so enjoy!

upon arriving, we got a van and headed off to our hotel…

here we are!

and here we start with the jumping photos at the cable car/bridge

^w^ My baby~~

touching up her make up~

😦 i look short.

obligatory photo with the penguin at underwater world.

=D cute

at underwater world >w<

i like the name of this restaurant

no words needed.

finally a decent photo of teddy =D

this is me digging for clams (that were not to be found)

2nd dinner =D

all the things neh bought =D

group photo the night before we left ^^

penang stopover photos will be updated again later >w<


2 Responses to "langkawhee!"

Wah! Not a bad trip!

UWAAAAA someone had fun! XD; I like the way to added stuff to the pics, so cute >w<b

and wow did Neh-san really buy all that? XD;

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