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sem 3 results

Posted on: December 6, 2008

i went to university yesterday to check out my results for this semester, despite the horrid rain that poured continuously all day and made policemen everywhere rush out in their bright yellow raincoats to direct traffic.
the verdict, as shown below :

tbej2117 japanese 5 – A
tbej2118 japanese 6 – A
tbej2141 japanese phonology & phonetics – A
ttea2111 linguistics history – A
ttea3111 language & meaning – B+
ayea2323 korean culture & society – A

5As, which is my best record so far =D hooray to me and thank the lord XD i was awfully worried about the korean paper because… it was a vague subject, with no proper syllabus or textbook. hence, going in with no idea what was expected of us. but gratefully, everything’s turned out fine in the end. and yes, i knew i wasn’t that strong in ttea3111 (hence the B+, which totally ruined my chances of ever getting straight As in my life!) but i wouldn’t be surprised if i had gotten an A- since i was scribbling my brains out during the exam =w= but i shall shut up and be grateful for what i got!

to fellow comrades of my class, we did it!! nobody failed anything and i think almost everyone scored an A in tbej2141 =D let’s keep up the good work!

updates about the langkawi trip would have to be postponed until i get off my lazy ass and resize the photos. oh and i have jlpt (japanese language proficiency test) papers tomorrow at upm, so there you go.

good luck to all jlpt candidates!!! i’m taking level 2 and level 3 so if you guys are taking them, see you tomorrow!

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2 Responses to "sem 3 results"

WOW…your results so good la…..i wished i had yours instead.

how u get such good result one

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