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a symptom by any other name

Posted on: November 24, 2008

is still called BOREDOM.

sky of love
the calm before the storm. the calm = boredom. the storm?
roadtrip with 7 crazy people =D

so there you have it. my past few days have been spent going out with teddy doing absolutely nothing at all, believe it or not. AND, i still have not gotten that scone that i so crave for D: it saddens me and frustrates me to no end when i see photos of scones online and not being able to eat them. what did you say? “don’t go looking at photos of scones then,” you say? well, being the curious child that i still am, i went to my good old buddy wikipedia to know more about scones. needless to say, i am very much obsessed with them now, thank you very much.

i sure am hoping to get my scone tomorrow… i’m leaving tomorrow for a trip in langkawi =D three days and two nights of fun with the people with whom i can laugh myself to tears. dad has given me about 700RM “just in case” and while i’m not planning to buy anything there (because langkawi has nothing for me to buy), this means i can eat lots of things!

also, i’ve still been e-mailing universities in japan to ask about their student exchange programs and so far, waseda university in tokyo seems to be the (currently) only choice for me. which really breaks my heart because i’ve always been set on going to kyoto *tears* but still, que sera sera. ritsumeikan university in kyoto is open for applications for the “study in kyoto” program though, but if i choose to go there, i’d have to pay for the tuition fees myself, which is not a good idea since i plan to shop myself to death there 😀 so… we’ll see. aoyama gakuin university (AGU) is looking good too but it seems that they’ve currently closed the applications for students with scholarships (???) so i’ll check on that again later. i’ve also e-mailed tokyo university after much searching on their website for their e-mail address (still didn’t find it, though i sent them an e-mail via the comment form thing hidden at the bottom of the page, in really teeny font).

shall be back in 4 days approximately, though i doubt if anybody will miss me 🙂


4 Responses to "a symptom by any other name"

*pats* better boredom than stress!! XDDDDD

grats on your scholarship!! 😀 😀 Don’t forget to take lotsa lotsa piccies for us…and share with us the food there hahahahaha XP

dude where are u?? haha..im waiting for ur next post actually… i’ve been looking at ur blog everyday…haha

yea…i tot she’ll blog about the 7 crazy ppl la….

omg! waseda uni is awesome! it’s a private uni, different from public uni (the 1 i am attending now)

aoyama is okay too but ritsumeikan would be better

when will you be coming to japan? if it’s early next year, we can probably meet up and go on a shopping spree~ ^___^

anyway good luck!

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