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Posted on: November 15, 2008

of all the times to get sick… ;_; i went to bed early last night despite having an exam today (later at 3PM) because i was feeling, i assume, sleepy. but once i turned off the lights and settled in to bed, it started.

the horridness of it all. i feel absolutely beastly now D: my nose hurts, my throat hurts, i’m feeling cold in a warm room, sneezing under the the layer of blankets and jacket! i think i’ve gotten sick.

drats. i hope my brain still functions later during the exam. not to mention the fact that i have to DRIVE to university today by myself. it shall be my first time ever driving down to KL all by myself.



2 Responses to "dread"

Feel better!!! Plenty water and rest!

hope u get well soon..do drink lotsa water n take care!!

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