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stress relief

Posted on: November 13, 2008

D: today’s paper was the shits! i made a stupid mistake in the essay area so… augh i’m so pissed off with myself ;_; but what’s done is done i guess, i can’t change it no matter how much i rant! another sad news would be doushisha university’s email. it seems that my university doesn’t have a student exchange arrangement with doushisha so they can’t accept me as an exchange student. at this rate i think i’ll be going to ritsumeikan instead *prays hard* i hope that one goes well >o<;;

everyone was so pissed off today that we went off to release our stress by bowling. here you go!

bowling alley(s) at one utama

random kanji on the seat at the bowling place =w=; i should probably go find out what it means…

neh’s amazing stunt

obligatory shot of my cute little red shoes, and saga’s big bowling shoes

saga-caught-in-headlights, and a disappearing neh behind him

i hope i can get a B+ and above for this paper >w<;;


5 Responses to "stress relief"

So nice =3 went for bowling…
Don’t worry la…will get good results one *pats*

shoot! i missed out on the fun, AGAIN! ma gad!

Saga’s hair so long adi =O

Vivi…And today u just missed out the fun AGAIN n AGAIN! oh my gaWd!!

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