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stairway to heaven

Posted on: November 8, 2008

hurray! i’m finally done with 3 of my more stressful papers :

TTEA2111 linguistic history
TTEA3111 language & meaning
AYEA2323 culture and society of korea (the toughest paper despite being an elective)

momiji from tsubasa

3 more papers (all japanese) to go, but at least they’re not that scary! so now we all can have a short break and a well-deserved rest =D yes vivi and neh, i’m talking to you!

speaking of vivi… yesterday after our exam we were supposed to take a bus from the library to the lrt train station but upon looking at the huge mass of people swarming around the bus stand we decided to take a taxi – which was faster, more convenient and hey what the hell; the shared cost between the two of us is almost the same as the bus fare anyway.

so off we went to hail a cab. but as luck would have had it, the line of people waiting for a taxi that never seems to come was also getting longer. we looked at each other and went “ah screw it let’s walk to a bus/taxi stand further up,” thinking our chances would be higher in a less populated area, so to say =D

buildings by which i identify my way

the thing is, the longer we walk, the traffic jam in our campus was getting worse (by the minute!). so we decided in the end to walk all the way out of campus, towards the kl entrance and all the way up to the lrt train station! there! nah, ambik engkau! we reckoned it would take us a shorter time to walk there as compared to actually waiting for a bus, struggling to get ONTO the bus, and actually going through the traffic jam IN the bus.

from the kl entrance
so we started walking from the kl entrance…

and walking…

and talking…

and laughing…

and walking some more…

and we finally reached the station safely, not much worse for wear! (hence the title of this post… finally reaching the top – we have never been so freaking happy to see a train station in our lives!!!) aren’t you proud of us?! my deepest respect to vivi who trudged all the way up in her high heels, next time i belanja you parfait okay??

shall be going back to my mum’s hometown (village of banir, state of perak) tonight and coming back tomorrow ;_; i want to watch new dramas damnit…

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2 Responses to "stairway to heaven"

ur photo skills are doing well. =)

Tee hee…she memang got photo skills since last time…waseh, laney respect me la… im so honoured…seriously…tons of *huggies for laney!! 🙂

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