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sounds in the night

Posted on: October 30, 2008

why am i still awake at this time, you ask?

i was having my ritual nightly phonecall with teddy and then he said he was tired, so we hung up. my stomach chose that particular time to rumble, and since i was too lazy to go downstairs to look for food, i turned to my laptop instead and was surprised to see that my coursemate saga was looking for me. ironically, 3 other friends were also at his place (they were watching ju-on) so we had this wacky online phone call thing going on for about 20 minutes or so. not much in conversation; mainly us accusing each other of lying about something, or me accusing them of being high on booze and them denying it, or me whining “i’m hungry!” over the internet.

after the conference ended, i started blog-hopping while my stomach continued its symphony.

it was then that i heard something.

a rustle. something moving. i stopped breathing, my body tense. curious, i turned on the lights. seeing nothing, i nudged the things on the floor with my toe.


can you believe it!? shit. i think it came in from the toilet D: i am so traumatized. i don’t think i can sleep now. it’s gone into hiding now so even if i move the things around it doesn’t come out from wherever it’s hiding 😦 i wish teddy would just come and help me clean up the room so he can kill the bloody thing.

i think i’m going to go downstairs and get something to eat so i can calm down and (try to) go to sleep.


2 Responses to "sounds in the night"

Muahahaha! Cockroach?! LOL! Xiu Keong in your room XD

use insecticide!

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