l'isle joyeuse

morning croissants

Posted on: October 26, 2008

hotels are great. the pillows are fluffy, the comforter is warm and snuggly ❤ i had breakfast just now and now i’m actually debating with myself… to go for a swim in the pool, or not? my dad is egging me on but i just washed my hair last night and i don’t look forward to dipping my hair in chlorine AND washing my hair AGAIN :/


… i feel like buying another orang utan shirt…

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3 Responses to "morning croissants"

oooh? i.e. the shirts from melacca?

! i din realize this was BUON RICORDO! love the layout =) and i’m honoured to have that link on the side of your page. =)

I like the new blog name =) install chatbox larh..

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