l'isle joyeuse


Posted on: October 26, 2008

going to malacca is like taking a walk down memory lane. i simply love the antique shops, the quaint houses with golden chinese characters representing each house’s surname and the quiet tranquility which surrounds the alleys in the hot, blistering afternoon.

to me? black-and-white photographs best describe the beauty of this beautiful town. there’s just something about the colourlessness that makes you take a longer look at these pictures and try to imagine the colours that might have been.


can you imagine the colours?


7 Responses to "monochrome"

Woo, great shots!

I see the Rule of Thirds being used in many photos!

which shots do you like best? 🙂

awesome composition. Black and white is classic. But there is an option of adding a more dramatic effect by playing around with the curves, contrasts and brightness. Makes it stand out more. Esp with black and white. try it =)

owh and hi kpchen. We’ve met before.

thanks. i don’t wanna play with them too much… takes away the original feeling i had when i was taking them. i don’t like over-photoshopped photos 🙂

omg omg omg…

TOK-TOK Candy~!

you bet it is.

ooh i like the “other pay cash” and candymaking shots!

my friend likes the 1st church photo 🙂

hi keeaun!

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